Thursday, April 29, 2010

Bowling Green Coverage on BSB

Buckeye State Baseball is a great website for anyone interested in college baseball within the state of Ohio. Writer Chris Webb has made a great, readable product for all us baseball nerds that love college baseball.

That being said, I've been pushing my pro-BG agenda on him for some time now and he's finally giving into the peer pressure, as he has posted a BG-Miami preview on BSB's front page along with an interview he had with Coach Schmitz this past week.

If the preview looks similar to mine it's because I helped him write the preview for Miami and Bowling Green.

Anyways, good publicity is always great, especially on a site like BSB. Support college baseball and support a great baseball website by checking out the story and interview by Chris.

Our goal is to make Chris pronounce his love for BG and have us be his second favorite school in Ohio (after OSU of course)! Muahaha...

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