Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Preview: Central Michigan University

Opponent: Central Michigan University (7-8, 0-0)
Place: Bowling Green, Ohio
Time: 3 p.m.

Just to be clear. CMU is in the MAC, but this is not an in-conference game. This is a tune up for both teams, as they both start up games this weekend that do count as conference games.

So lets size up the two teams.

Common Opponents?
- BG won the match up between the two teams 3-1 in a pitching duel between two offensive-minded teams. This was the only win for BG where they scored less than seven runs.

- CMU played Butler the day after BG did and lost the game 9-14. Central jumped on top in the beginning scoring eight in the first two innings, then failed to muster anymore than one more run the rest of the game. The most intriguing stat from the box score? Attendance at the game. 67 persons.

NDSU and Indiana were supposed to be other common opponents, but rain outs for BGSU ruined that. CMU lossed both games by the way.

Advantage? BGSU


Batting Average
BG: .319 (Matthew Pitzulo, .480)
CMU: .258 (Billy Anderson, .355)

Extra Base Hits
BG: 46 (TJ Blanton, 5 2B, 1 3B, 5 HR)
CMU: 39 (Billy Anderson, 7 2B, 1 HR)

Slugging %
BG: .476 (TJ Blanton, .900)
CMU: .365 (Billy Anderson, .516)

On Base %
BG: .393 (Matthew Pitzulo, .552)
CMU: .340 (Billy Anderson, .444)

Advantage? BGSU

Pitching and Defense

Earned Run Average:
BG: 6.81 (Ross Gerdeman, 1.50)
CMU: 4.65 (Rick Dodridge, 1.93)

XBH Allowed
BG: 50
CMU: 39

BG: 1.74
CMU: 1.56

BG: 29
CMU: 21

Fielding %
BG: .944
CMU: .964

Advantage? CMU

After a completely scientific look at these two teams, it can safely be said that Bowling Green wins by hitting, hitting, hitting. Central is much more balanced of a team, and has not been that great at the plate this spring, at least compared to BG. I doubt neither team will use any dominating pitchers tomorrow, so the key will be errors. Who will make the key errors at key moments? Unfortunately for BG they average 1.9 errors a game while CMU averages 1.4 so that is an advantage for CMU.

However! Central's two highest scoring games this year however have both come against inferior NAIA teams in Davenport University and Concordia University, so CMU's offensive numbers might be slightly inflated.

Predicted Score:
BG: 14
CMU: 9

West Virginia Mid-Week

West Virginia met with Bowling Green in Chillicothe, Ohio today for a quick mid-week game.

West Virginia: 10
Bowling Green: 7
Box Score (None as of yet, only a game recap from WVU)

Quick Hits:

- This win put WVU above .500 for the first time all season.

- I don't know how good WVU is, or if this means anything, but WVU went 3-1 in a 4 game series this past weekend, but the game they lost they ended up losing the game 23-0.... uh.... whoops?

It's a loss, but it's a mid-week game, after three huge wins vs. WKU. And it's against a Big East Team. Gotta take this one with a grain of salt. In other news the home opener is tomorrow against Central Michigan!
Bowling Green has a chance to break .500 for the first time this season with a win tomorrow and two wins this weekend. I doubt BG will use any of the starting rotation tomorrow, and a preview will be coming up soon tonight.

Invasion of Kentucky! (Part 3)

First off I would like to apologize, my schedule since I've been back from spring break has been brutal! But, I work with the Athletic Department and I'm scheduled to work every home game from now on. My focus this year is going to be the home games and keep you updated with other stuff when I can.

Hopefully I'll get a response for an interview with Head Coach Schmitz soon if I'm lucky (fingers crossed).

Quick recap of the last four games before the the preview of the home-opener which is tomorrow!

First off, BG earned a sweep of Western Kentucky! Three wins in two days!

Bowling Green: 11
Western Kentucky: 9

Game 1
Bowling Green: 19
Western Kentucky: 10

Game 2
Bowling Green: 7
Western Kentucky: 6

Quck Hits:
- 2009 ESPN Academic All-American TJ Blanton had career highs when he went 4-5, belted three home runs, and had seven rbi's in game one of the double header saturday.

-37 runs by BG in a three game series just backs up what BG has done so far, proving that offense is what wins games for BG, not the defensive side.

- Unfortunately, of the 19 runs scored by BG in the first game of the double header Saturday, only 10 of them were earned. And seven of them were driven in by the the Falcons #9 hitter(!?) Blanton.

-Western Kentucky made a lot of errors defensively... to the tune of 11 errors in three games... maybe the home score keeper was a pitcher when he played...?

- Only four errors by Bowling Green during the whole series. Finally some good defense! In fact, rumor has it Blanton not only had three home runs but he also robbed WKU of one.

- BG won in the state of Kentucky! It took until game seven but hey. It's nice.