Tuesday, March 23, 2010

West Virginia Mid-Week

West Virginia met with Bowling Green in Chillicothe, Ohio today for a quick mid-week game.

West Virginia: 10
Bowling Green: 7
Box Score (None as of yet, only a game recap from WVU)

Quick Hits:

- This win put WVU above .500 for the first time all season.

- I don't know how good WVU is, or if this means anything, but WVU went 3-1 in a 4 game series this past weekend, but the game they lost they ended up losing the game 23-0.... uh.... whoops?

It's a loss, but it's a mid-week game, after three huge wins vs. WKU. And it's against a Big East Team. Gotta take this one with a grain of salt. In other news the home opener is tomorrow against Central Michigan!
Bowling Green has a chance to break .500 for the first time this season with a win tomorrow and two wins this weekend. I doubt BG will use any of the starting rotation tomorrow, and a preview will be coming up soon tonight.

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