Monday, March 8, 2010

Invasion of Kentucky! (Part 2)

So after being swept by Louisville in the first weekend of Bowling Green's "Invasion of Kentucky!" the second weekend brought another tough quality opponent in The University of Kentucky. The weekend before the Wildcats had beaten three quality opponents, Virginia Tech (15-6), West Virginia (6-0), and Coastal Carolina (3-2). Unfortunately for the Falcons, the weekend dealt with another trio of tough losses.

Game 1
Kentucky: 6
Bowling Green: 4

Game 1
Kentucky: 4
Bowling Green: 3

Game 1
Kentucky: 10
Bowling Green: 4

Well, losing your first six games is not a good way to start a season, and at least winning one of these games would've been nice but Kentucky is a heck of a ball club. As of today the team is 9-1 and ranked 23rd in the nation, with the only loss coming against the Tony Gwynn-led San Diego State ball club.

Bowling Green was not expected to win either series in Kentucky over the first two weekends, but winning at least one game would've been nice. Good experience for the MAC season though.

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