Monday, March 8, 2010

Spring Break Baseball: Rhode Island

Hey, I've got an idea... we're 1-6... let's play a team that's 0-7! Surely that'll give us a win right? Well, if BG was thinking that, they sure didn't play like it. Rhode Island got their first win of the season in a dramatic fashion during a offensive showcase Sunday.

Rhode Island: 9
Bowling Green: 8

Rhode Island came out swinging a hot bat and went up 5-0 through the first four and a half innings of ball. Over the next two and a half innings though BG stormed back and took an 8-6 lead which they had until the 9th inning. An error here and a hit there and before ya know it Rhode Island had a 9-8 lead which proved too much for BG at the end of the day.

These are the type of games Bowling Green must be able to pull out come late May if they want to have a chance to go to the NCAA's this season. It's starting to become a trend that BG can't win the tight ones, and that's something that starts to stick with a team. But hey, five more games over break so that means there's a possibility to go 6-1 and get to one game under .500!

One Last Cool Thing
Since this is probably the last we'll see of Rhode Island for a while, I thought I'd share this really sweet video from the URI baseball site. This is the kind of stuff BG needs to do, because if I was a ballplayer I would go suit up for that coach no matter where he coached.

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