Monday, March 15, 2010

Spring Break: Baseball Players & Witches Melt In The Rain

Well, Bowling Green didn't end on a five-game winning streak like I had hoped, but they did end up with a three game non-losing streak! Unfortunately for the Falcons though, their spring break trip to the Sunshine state ended with, well, a lack of sunshine.

I'll give short recaps of the Sacrad Heart and Yale games and links to the box scores. Unfortunately, the links are to the other team's websites, but for some reason BG's site doesn't have box scores.

Bowling Green: 16
Sacred Heart: 10

Dennis Vaughn led the hit-fest last Tuesday by belting the ball for three hits and five rbi's, he also crossed home plate himself two times. Both teams had high lob numbers (BG: 10 SHU: 9) but also scored a ton of runs. Bowling Green had a nice comfortable lead after four innings, winning 16-5 at that point, so the fact they gave up 10 runs for the whole game might be a little decieving. Considering it was the fourth game in as many days, the pitching depth was probably starting to wain a bit because no pitcher for BG went past 2.2 innings on the day.

Good win. Rough day for SHU's Matt Fitton, as his 6'9" inch frame wasn't intimidating enough to stop BG from running up his tab for the day. The guy finished with a stat line that looked like this...

IP: 2.2 H: 10 R: 11 ER: 11 BB: 4 SO: 0 BF: 22

That is rough! No strikeouts in 22 faced batters? That's a team that must've been short on pitching because who lets a pitcher give up 11 earned runs before pulling him? Good job stepping on a team's throat and not letting up. Good win, although unfortunately it would be the last victory for BG before heading back up to Ohio.

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